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Do you want to rent a boat to La Maddalena?


If you want to rent a boat with or without skipper to visit the beautiful beaches of La Maddalena, you’re in the right place.

La Maddalena is thought to be one island but is actually an archipelago of over 60 islands and islets. The largest and best known are precisely La Maddalena, Budelli, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Razzoli and Santa Maria. The Maddalena Archipelago has since 1994 awarded the prestigious National Park, so it is under the national and Community protection.
This ensures the protection of its marine and terrestrial areas of incomparable beauty.

Among the most important beaches of La Maddalena there is undoubtedly Cala Spalmatore.
It is one of the most famous beaches of La Maddalena, it has leased a few kilometers from the town and offers the visitor who sees it from the sea a spectacular coup d’cchio. It will arise in fact two headlands of pink granite rock embellished from the wild Mediterranean maquis. Inside and sheltered from the wind there are three small golden sandy beaches. The backdrop of a clear blue color has a gently sloping seabed. A wonderful choice if you want to moor your boat to a stop.

Ecomar proposes every summer a modern fleet of more and new rafts and efficient, can be used with or without license, from 5.00 Mt to 12 meters with engines: 40 to 225 hp 4-stroke, and brought up to a maximum of 18 people.

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